Kristen’s Surgery 04-29-2014

Kristen went to OHSU in Portland today at 8:00 AM for pre-operation.  Her surgery was pushed back until 1:00 PM. Kristen had about a five hour surgery that went well, all indications from the doctors at this point were all positive. I talked to Kristen after the surgery and she was in good spirits but as expected very groggy from the medications.  She is resting comfortably in room 924 in the Kohler building at OHSU.  Kristen will probably be in the hospital until Thursday.  She has access to her cell phone, at this time she is asking for only text messages.  I will update further tomorrow.  Thank you for all of your love and support.




5 thoughts on “Kristen’s Surgery 04-29-2014

  1. Kristen and Jer, You were in our thoughts all day yesterday. We are glad all went well and Kristen is staying so positive. That is half the battle. Keep us posted and hang in there. Kisses to the little ones. Manny and Mary Jo

  2. We’ve been thinking good, positive, “sunshiney” thoughts for you and are hoping for the best for you. Love your “motto song”, too!! What an inspiration!

  3. Kristen:
    So glad this major surgery is behind you and pray that each day you will feel a little stronger.
    Your blog is so beautiful and you are such an amazing, brave and positive inspiration to those who read it. Your “sunshine” attitude will be a very positive factor in your healing process.
    May you be strengthened and comforted to know that you are in the thoughts and prayers of many who care.
    Cindy Conners

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