Pathology Results…GOOD NEWS!

I have some good news to share.  I got the results of my pathology from the bilateral mastectomy.  To summarize the medical jargon…it is REALLY GOOD NEWS!

The cancer was basically contained in the very small lump in my left breast (7 mm).  Only a few cells around that showed some ‘pre-cancerous’ properties (but that is to be expected).  The skin removed from the area next to my tumor on the left was negative for cancer.  The two lymph nodes removed from my left arm were negative!!!  (This was the most exciting to me because I think that means I do NOT need radiation!!)  And all the tissue removed from my right breast was negative for any cancer.  Also the tumor that was removed was an intermediate-lower grade (which means it is not too aggressive).

So overall…that is the best result I could have hoped for on the pathology!  I meet with a medical oncologist on June 5th to review all of this further as well as further lab testing that will determine whether or not I would respond to chemo or even need it (obviously I’m praying for…not!).


2 thoughts on “Pathology Results…GOOD NEWS!

  1. Awesome news Kristen!! A true blessing and will keep our positive thoughts going your way for a complete recovery! Thanks also for coming to the game last Tuesday! You’re a real trooper!

  2. I’ve missed the last few posts. I am SO happy with the results you got from the pathology report. Thank God. I have been thinking about you a lot and hoping for positive news. Thank you for giving it to me 😉 Stay strong and I will be watching for your posts with more good news! xo, Debbie

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