THANK YOU Neighbors, Friends & Family!

Again, sorry to do a “mass” thank you but my time is so limited right now…I’m sure you all understand.  We have been overwhelmed with the caring and generosity of everyone around us.  From co-workers to family to friends of family and even our neighbors, we have received so many cards, flowers, gifts, meals, and offers to help.

I am so grateful to everyone for their support and compassion.  I have to point out a few ‘unexpected’ gifts of kindness.  Of course meals and help from family and close friends is SOOOO appreciated but also ‘understood’.  But we have received support from unexpected places as well.  We have some COOL NEIGHBORS!  One neighbor came down to bring us a “Paleo” meal and a card that had been signed by several neighbors (some we have not even met yet).  The neighbors went together to gift us a whole-house deep clean from a local house cleaner!  Such an awesome gift at this time!  I’ve also been so touched by the meals that continue to come in from co-workers of Jer and even several friends of my mother-in-law.  THANK YOU to all of you.  Even a card or a text with a funny comic or uplifting quote is greatly appreciated!!!

Sometimes I feel guilty that I have caused so many people around me to “worry” or “be sad”.  But mostly I am touched by their kindness.  I love to help others but actually struggle to receive help.  So at times all the support pouring in is ‘overwhelming’ for me.  But, please know that I am deeply touched by all of it and appreciate your continued positive thoughts and prayers!


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