Doing Well

Several people mentioned that they were checking this blog often to see how my recovery progress is coming along.  So…I thought I should post more updates on how I am doing.

Tomorrow will be 3 weeks post surgery.  I can’t believe it has been 3 weeks already.  I feel like I have been in a “bubble”.  I am getting stronger and feeling better each day.  I’ve been going to Physical Therapy the last two weeks (two times a week) and today my PT and I noticed a big improvement.  My range-of-motion in my arms is much better.  I still have a lot of tightness, some pain, and restrictions in my chest, ribs, arms (mostly my left side and arm – due to the removal of two lymph nodes).  But seeing the progress is promising.

I do notice near the end of the day that I’m completely exhausted and sore (started “pushing” myself a little too far on days I’m feeling better).  I also have to be very careful not to lift anything over 8-10 pounds for a few more weeks.  This is very hard to explain to a 30-pound 2 year old.

I follow up with my surgeon on Wednesday and anxious to see how they think my healing is going (I still have lots of swelling and some bleeding).  I’m also looking forward to exercising again (I’m so weak and ready to start getting some strength back).

But overall, I’m doing well.  🙂 Thanks again for all your continued thoughts, prayers, and support!

I hope you all are enjoying some nicer weather and looking forward to Summer.  We’ve had more sun than is typical for Portland this time of year…and for that I am very grateful!


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