The Next Step

I keep getting the question…what’s the next step?

On June 5th I will meet with a different Medical Oncologist (I didn’t personally care for the style of my previous one so asked to switch).  One thing I learned from 8 years in the Pharma Industry is that there are MANY different personalities and styles of Doctors and if you can’t communicate well with one…switch!  The Oncologist will review wether any Chemo is needed or not and discuss other options (such as Tamoxifen – hormone blocker drug therapy).

On June 9th I meet with the Thyroid Specialist again to review how to attack the Thyroid Cancer next. (Most likely total thyroidectomy and then maybe RAI treatment followed by thyroid hormone replacement drugs).

On June 11th I plan to meet with the Naturopath to discuss how to balance the Western Medicine recommendations with some natural means as well. 🙂

So, my next two surgeries are ‘up in the air’ until after these appointments.  I’ll update once I know which surgery is next and when it might be.

I’m doing well otherwise  – able to work a few days and able to be a little more active.  The plastic surgeon said I am healing “very well”.  The Doctors and PT keep sounding so surprised when they say “you are recovering VERY well”.  I think they are used to most patients in this situation being at least double my age…but I guess that is one benefit to being younger while dealing with this…at least my body is recovering more quickly.

I’m loving the sunny weather…we have been able to get out and take the kids for a picnic or to the water fountains. (Embry gets so excited about picnics or playgrounds).

.picnic may 2014


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