Update – Next Surgeries

I’m 6 weeks post mastectomy now and feeling pretty good.  I can lift the kids again which makes life a lot easier.

I had a lot of appointments over the last week and finally have some updates.

The results of my Oncotype pathology came back.  This is something that tests your tumor cells and gives you a score from 0-100 to determine your recurrence risk and whether you should do Chemo or not.  0-18 is very low risk.  19-30 is moderate.  31-100 is high.  My score…a 19.  The best part of that is…NO CHEMO!!!  YAY!!

So now with the final word that I will not need Chemo, I was able to schedule my next two surgeries.

July 8th – final breast reconstruction surgery.  This is an out-patient surgery and should be a fairly quick recovery (feeling fine after a few days but no lifting for a few weeks).

August 7th – Thyroidectomy and Lymph node removal in neck.  This will be a 6 hour surgery and require one overnight stay.  The recovery will be longer.

I still have decisions to make after these surgeries such as which hormonal therapy to do (tamoxifen vs. ovarian suppression plus aromatase inhibitor) and whether to take more precautions (i.e. hysterectomy) due to my possible link to “Cowden’s Syndrome”.  The decisions were making my head spin a little.  I’ve found myself back to my Pharmaceutical Sales days as I research online and read many medical studies to compare the benefits and side effects of all the treatment options.

For now, I am working with the Naturopath Oncologist to continue supplements, exercise, eating healthy, and balancing my cancer team’s recommendations with what makes sense to keep my body healthy.  I’m also having more genetic testing done to possibly help me make some of those treatment and/or preventative decisions later.

Well on the bright side…I have a few more weeks before the next surgery to feel mostly “normal” and enjoy some summer weather with the kids.  🙂



One thought on “Update – Next Surgeries

  1. It’s good to hear that you don’t need Chemo. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you continue this struggle. Take care.

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