Camping Trip Before Thyroidectomy

My Thyroidectomy is coming up soon (Thursday, August 7th).  But, I have been feeling well enough after the last surgery that we were able to get in a short camping trip.  By some miracle, I found a Yurt to reserve for two nights.  We had never taken the kids camping…so it was an adventure for all of us.  It went really well!  Renting a yurt is the way to go with small children!  We had a great time walking the 1/4 mile from the campground to the beach, flying a kite, making smores, and looking at the stars from the viewing window in the yurt roof. DSC00480 DSC00476 DSC00466 DSC00450 DSC00444 DSC00441 DSC00439 DSC00437 DSC00432 DSC00431 DSC00420



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