Kristen Out of Surgery

Kristen had a successful thyroidectomy today.  She went into surgery at about 8:00 AM and didn’t get out of surgery until around 4:00 PM.  She is staying the night at OHSU tonight and will hopefully be home tomorrow.  The surgery went pretty well, her voice is scratchy and she had a little bit harder time with the anesthesia than her prior surgeries.  She will post more details when she gets home.



2 thoughts on “Kristen Out of Surgery

  1. Kristen, You continue to be the most positive person that I have ever met and I can tell you that you are the most inspiring woman I know….. I love you with all my heart and wish you felt better. I am glad to hear that you have so much support from all your family and friends and wish I could be one of the special people who are helping you. Love, Pat

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