Home for Recovery

I was able to come home yesterday evening.  Given that I knew how to empty my surgical drain better than the nurse aids, and the lab kept poking me to check calcium levels, I was happy to come home. 🙂

The surgery went even longer than expected.  I was under anesthesia for over 7 hours.  Since waking up, I can feel mucus in my chest and throat.  Almost impossible to clear it out though without irritating the huge incision wrapping around the base of my neck.  I have a lot of very sore muscles and the worst sore throat I’ve ever experienced.  But I am able to move around better than after my mastectomy at least.

I’m uncomfortable but it could be much worse.

The surgeon said that there was some cancer attached to my vocal nerve along side my thyroid.  So she had to “scrape my vocal nerve”.  I’m so lucky because she did not have to cut it and it appears my voice will come back.  It is raspy and hard to speak loudly for now but I do still have my voice.  It may be irritated for several months.  Anyone who knows me knows I can talk “a lot”.  So already the past couple days communicating in a whisper is so frustrating.

Anyway, I’m heading back to bed.

As always…thank you all for your continued support!



4 thoughts on “Home for Recovery

  1. Kristen, We spoke with John and Merrilee on Thursday and were happy when you finally got out of surgery. We hope the worst of all this is behind you and you can get the thyroid levels back to normal quickly. Be patient—-know its not easy. Huge hugs to you, rest and get well. Hi to Jer and the kids. Much love, Manny and Mary Jo

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  2. Glad you are home and doing well despite the voice issues and pain from the anesthetic. Continued prayers and positive thoughts going your way.

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