Survived the Week

I survived my week of Radioactive Iodine and Isolation!  I stayed only one night at the hospital…that was interesting.  The entire room was covered with paper or plastic (including the floor, toilet, and every doorknob).  But I finished a whole book, did exercises every hour, looked at magazines, and caught up on some mindless TV.  It went quickly and wasn’t bad.

Then started my 6 days at home by myself.  I had some nausea for the first several days but it was relatively mild.  I discovered that if I put surgical gloves on, I could freely use the computer so I was able to check work emails and work on some Shutterfly photo books (I’ve been meaning to do Beckett’s baby book for about 2 years now).

On about Day 4 I was REALLY missing my kids!!  I got to FaceTime with them each day but still missed them a lot.  I enjoyed the alone time and opportunity to “catch-up” on some things but it was odd to not be busy every second as a Mommy.  The kiddos come home in about an hour and I’m so excited to see them.

Thank you so much to my dear friend, Jodi, for the care package (one present for each of the 7 days of isolation) to keep me entertained this week!  And thank you to so many others for magazines, tea, organic fresh juice, and delicious food that was dropped off at my doorstep. 🙂  And thank you to my in-laws for allowing the kids and Jer to stay at their house for a week.  I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life.

It really was not a bad week but I’m glad to have this behind me.  I had a full body scan about an hour ago and will get the results tomorrow.  Fingers crossed that the RAI killed most remaining thyroid cancer cells in my body (it will continue to kill some off for about 6 months so I will have another scan at 6 months and 1 year).

On another note, the rain has come!  I think it is officially here to stay.  We were lucky to have a wonderful September and most of October but it still takes a little “getting used to” the rain again for me.  I have to work harder to keep my “positive attitude” sometimes on gloomy weather days.  So on my way back from the hospital I rocked out to Pharrell Williams’ song “HAPPY” and stopped to get myself a Mocha (rarely have those anymore).  Bring on the Portland rain! 🙂



As my Aunt Nanne suggested, here’s my moto song for the month:

“RADIOACTIVE” by Imagine Dragons

I head to the hospital tomorrow (Wednesday) to take my dose of Radioactive Iodine.  Hopefully this will kill off any remaining thyroid cancer cells in my body.

I will be at the hospital for 2 days (maybe 3) in isolation.  Some of this sounds strange at first (no visitors, can’t bring cell phone, or laptop, or anything that is not disposable).  On second thought…I’m starting to look forward to it.  I have a few paper back books, several magazines, crossword puzzles, some coloring books (from my friend and her kiddos), and lots of healthy snacks to keep me occupied.  My oncologist and physical therapist reminded me to “exercise” even in my hospital room.  So I have an extra therapy band for arm exercises and a list of things I can do in isolation to keep moving (wall push-ups, arm triceps dips using the side of bed, yoga stretches, etc.).  Plus I can always catch up on mindless TV programs.

Then I will come back home and Jer and the kids will go stay at his parents for several days.  After Radioactive Iodine, you are okay to be around adults after a few days (with some minor precautions) but not cleared to be around young children, pregnant women, or small pets for 7-8 days.  I will miss the kids but again secretly looking forward to some needed Mommy “down-time”. 🙂  I feel like things have been SO busy lately between my work, Jer’s crazy work schedule, all my appointments, and the kids.  So a week to slow down and just take care of myself sounds pretty nice.

Enjoying Fall

Apple Picking:  

I really wanted the kids to experience picking their own apples.  I finally found a farm fairly close to our home that had Organic U-Pick.  Jer was working so I took the kids by myself.  Luckily they were great helpers and were gentle with the apples.


Pumpkin Patch:

We had lots of fun at Bauman’s Pumpkin Patch the first weekend in October!  It ended up being really warm that day so didn’t quite feel like Fall yet but still lots of fun.  The kids loved the many slides, fun houses, bee trains, and picking out their own pumpkins.