As my Aunt Nanne suggested, here’s my moto song for the month:

“RADIOACTIVE” by Imagine Dragons

I head to the hospital tomorrow (Wednesday) to take my dose of Radioactive Iodine.  Hopefully this will kill off any remaining thyroid cancer cells in my body.

I will be at the hospital for 2 days (maybe 3) in isolation.  Some of this sounds strange at first (no visitors, can’t bring cell phone, or laptop, or anything that is not disposable).  On second thought…I’m starting to look forward to it.  I have a few paper back books, several magazines, crossword puzzles, some coloring books (from my friend and her kiddos), and lots of healthy snacks to keep me occupied.  My oncologist and physical therapist reminded me to “exercise” even in my hospital room.  So I have an extra therapy band for arm exercises and a list of things I can do in isolation to keep moving (wall push-ups, arm triceps dips using the side of bed, yoga stretches, etc.).  Plus I can always catch up on mindless TV programs.

Then I will come back home and Jer and the kids will go stay at his parents for several days.  After Radioactive Iodine, you are okay to be around adults after a few days (with some minor precautions) but not cleared to be around young children, pregnant women, or small pets for 7-8 days.  I will miss the kids but again secretly looking forward to some needed Mommy “down-time”. 🙂  I feel like things have been SO busy lately between my work, Jer’s crazy work schedule, all my appointments, and the kids.  So a week to slow down and just take care of myself sounds pretty nice.


2 thoughts on “Radioactive

  1. We loved the pictures of the pumpkins and apple orchard. The kids are so cute and really growing. Merrilee sent a cute pic of Embry in her mermaid costume. An ocean theme for all—–very cute. We hope you get a lot of rest on your mini vacation with no side effects from the radiation. Looking forward to seeing you all in December. Sounds like the home stretch—-yeah!!! Much love and hugs to all, Manny and Mary Jo

  2. You’re positive attitude is amazing! Enjoy the time away from technology. Take care. You’re always on my mind and in my prayers.

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