Proof that “There is Always Hope”

In late August when the Vocal Specialist told me that my paralyzed vocal nerve had about a 0% chance of regenerating on its own, I was prepared to have a vocal implant surgery in February 2015.  I wasn’t excited about adding another surgery to my list but had accepted it.

On Friday I met with the Vocal Specialist for an exam.  It was confirmed….my vocal nerve is no longer paralyzed!

I had noticed in the last 3 weeks that my voice sounded normal and I could sing on tune again.  I tried not to get my hopes too high until my appointment.  When the doctors told me on Friday that it had regenerated…I couldn’t stop smiling!!

Thank you for all that hoped and prayed for my voice to come back or for me to have less surgeries.  It is proof that even a predicted 0% chance still holds HOPE!

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