Cancerversary – 1 Year

March 11th…Unfortunately I won’t be able to forget that date.  Today is my “cancerversary”.  Apparently, according to the internet, that is an actual term now. 🙂  One year ago today I received the phone call with my first cancer diagnosis.  In some ways, the year flew by…in others it was a long road.  I spent this morning with my husband and kiddos; we went to a fun Jump House indoor play place for the kids, then to lunch.  Just grateful for the calm we have in our lives right now.

I am doing well.  Most of my scars are healed and for the most part I am back to normal.  I think my only “complaints” are all the side effects from the drugs: sore joints every day (most likely from Tamoxifen), temperature inconsistencies (thyroid), extreme exhaustion, irritability, and a list of other things I just won’t go into.  I’ve had several follow-ups recently (Thyroid Surgeon, Breast Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon, and Internal Med PCP), all appointments went well…everything looks good.  Later this month I meet with my Oncologist and then my Endocrinologist next month.

The kids are doing well.  Embry loves PreSchool and entertaining us with her many animated songs and dances.  Beckett amazes us with his vocabulary and comprehension for not even being 3 years old yet.  Unfortunately he has also given us some scares…3 head injuries in a two week time.  1) Missed kicking a ball and well down backwards on aggregate concrete. 2) Fell off a playground structure face first 3) Slipped in a dry bathtub while playing and chipped his two front top teeth.  Luckily, no ER visits…just a Dentist visit out of all that.  The kids definitely keep life interesting and keep us always on the move!

On this 1 year cancerversary…I want to say “Thank You” again to everyone who sent cards, packages, gifts, messages, dropped off food, watched the kids, or just sent positive thoughts and prayers over the last year.  Even though I didn’t have time to send Thank You cards to all of you…please know that I am so grateful for all of you and think of your kindness often.  The last year was possible because of all your support!