Cancerversary #3

I realized as my third year of being a Cancer Survivor came up today, March 11th, that I had only posted once since last year. That is a good thing though…because I have had nothing significant to report on my cancer journey for the last year! 🙂

That is not to say that I haven’t been paying attention to my health. I must have felt like I needed something “medical” to focus on because I decided to try a program to help my scoliosis. My back pain was getting progressively worse and I finally had enough. I’ve searched (unsuccessfully) for years for something to help scoliosis. My Aunt Marsha came across an article about the Schroth Method and I decided to look into it. So as if my life wasn’t busy enough, under the direction of a Scoliosis Systems Doctor, I added daily specific Schroth exercises (40-50 min.) and wearing a soft brace (SpineCor Brace) for 4 hours a day. It has been difficult to add this to my daily/weekly routine but it is already paying off! I will update more later but in just 3-1/2 months, my Lumbar Curve improved by 7 degrees and Thoracic Curve improved by 8 degrees! That is very significant especially for an adult. Also, my back pain is almost completely gone since starting this program.  Yay!

It has overall been a busy but good year for our family:  Diana’s U of O Graduation, Embry started Kindergarten, Holidays and fun activities together, a Girl’s Trip and lots of snow days (too many in my opinion).  Just feeling blessed and grateful for another great year!