Shortly before my 35th birthday, I found a very small lump in my breast.  In mid March 2014, I was told that I have Breast Cancer.  Six days later I was told I have Thyroid Cancer.  When I received the second diagnosis, the doctor asked how I was so calm and collected?

At first I was angry and scared when I was diagnosed with cancer at such a young age.  But within two weeks, I realized that I am grateful I get to live the next 35 plus years with a new understanding of living in the moment, focusing on the positive, and experiencing true health.  I feel a sense of awakening and clear focus on things that seemed so difficult before.  I am so optimistic about my prognosis and my future.  I’ve always been a very pragmatic, logical person so…I spent two days being a little afraid and sad and then decided to spend the rest of the time looking for positive things in life and focusing on only the things I can control.

Both cancers are early, small, and treatable.  Currently my treatment plan is to do a few surgeries but to avoid radiation and chemotherapy.  I am seeing a very skilled cancer team at OHSU along with a Naturopath Oncologist (to integrate natural remedies with the Western Medicine treatments).

The first book I picked up turned out to be an amazing one for my Wellness Journey.  “CANCER – 50 Essential Things to Do” by Greg Anderson.  This book reaffirmed how I want to live from here on out.  Greg Anderson was given 30 days to live with a Lung Cancer diagnosis.  That was 30 years ago and he is still going strong to publish current editions of his book. I am implementing 6 key strategies from Greg Anderson’s book:  Exercise, Nutrition, Medical (surgery), Attitude, Support, Spiritual.

Since my diagnosis, I have cut out eating almost all sugar and started exercising every day (two things I could never have made myself do without this diagnosis). 🙂 I’m continuing to eat “modified Paleo”.  I’m learning to enjoy the small pleasures in life and am trying to learn how to do mindfulness meditation.

I will try to update my blog homepage with progress from surgeries and along the way on my Wellness Journey.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Kristen,
    You are so inspiring. Thinking about you a lot and looking forward to your healthy recovery.

  2. You are an inspiration for all of those on this situation. I admire your strength going though this process with great positive attitude. Way to go girl. The best way to tell our kids never give up, always try hard is by setting an example. I will definitely They will always remember you as a strong woman and a wonderful mommy since you still have the energy to do all those activities with them. I wish I was closer to be able to visit you and help on those days. I´m happy to see you are taken care of. Big Loves to you from Mexico…Keep it up!!!

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