Kristen’s Surgery 04-29-2014

Kristen went to OHSU in Portland today at 8:00 AM for pre-operation.  Her surgery was pushed back until 1:00 PM. Kristen had about a five hour surgery that went well, all indications from the doctors at this point were all positive. I talked to Kristen after the surgery and she was in good spirits but as expected very groggy from the medications.  She is resting comfortably in room 924 in the Kohler building at OHSU.  Kristen will probably be in the hospital until Thursday.  She has access to her cell phone, at this time she is asking for only text messages.  I will update further tomorrow.  Thank you for all of your love and support.




First Surgery on Tuesday

(My surgery time was changed so I won’t be out of surgery until around 5:00 p.m. or later.  Jer will post tomorrow evening.)

My first surgery is this Tuesday (4/29).  This has all happened so fast.  I thought I would have more time to prepare but I’m sure I’ll push through it just fine.

I’m a little nervous and sad for this surgery.  But…thank goodness insurance covers reconstruction. 🙂

I will have Jer post an update on here once I come out of surgery (Tuesday afternoon).

Send all the positive thoughts and prayers you can!

Cutting my Hair

I read that after a mastectomy it is hard to wash your own hair for awhile.  I figured that since mine is so long I should cut some off.

Immediately I was sad over cutting my hair…but it will grow back.  Hopefully it makes it easier to wash post-surgery. 🙂


Wow…I have so much hair!  DSC00180

DSC00184It’s not too short…just at my shoulders.


When we got back from Arizona I thought I had two weeks to work out and prepare to be as healthy as possible before the first big surgery…WRONG!

The kids and I caught a nasty virus.  It knocked us on our rears for over 10 days.  Beckett became so dehydrated that he ended up spending two nights at the Children’s Hospital just to get IV fluids.  Very scary and stressful.  We are all on the mend now but with my surgery less than 4 days away, I pray the lingering cough and congestion will be gone.

DSC00176 Beck hospital